Getting started – How to set up ORBE?

Thank you for installing our ORBE app! In this small guide, we'll be going over the essentials on how to get the ORBE app working on your Shopify store today!

What does this app do?

You will be able to redirect your users to specific language markets. This is very helpful for those who have multiple warehouses, or products which they can't ship to specific countries. Doing this will not only save you time from answering customer concerns, but save your customers time as well, showing them only the products that are available to them.

The ORBE app makes language and country recommendations to your customers based on their geographic location and browser or device language.

On the other hand, you have an option to display a country selector in the footer of your online store that enables your customers to choose their language and country or region.

Customers can accept a recommendation or use the country selector to browse your store in their preferred language and check out in their preferred currency based on the country or region selected.

After a customer accepts or dismisses a recommendation for a different country, they aren't presented with another recommendation on your store for 60 days. If the customer clears their cookies, then this wait time is reset.

Install the ORBE app

How it works?

When a user enters your store, ORBE will make a geolocation request thanks to our technology. Once we obtain this information, if we detect that the country of origin is different from the country of the store he/she is visiting, we show the modal window.

Once the user has selected his country the window will redirect the user to the correct website creating the automatic redirection cookie so that the next time the user enters the version of the store that does not match his country the automatic redirection will be made. 

I've added the app, how do I enable it?

Find ORBE on your Apps admin dashboard on Shopify. Once you've entered the app, you'll be brought to the main dashboard of the app.

Let's just start with enabling the app for now, and we can get into the more complex features later.

In the top horizontal menu, you will be able to access Help, Billing Plans and access the Modal Customizer. 

For now, click on Customize Modal, you'll be redirected to the Shopify Theme Customizer.

custom modal


To enable the app, you just need to click "Enable modal" checkbox. This will make the app immediately run on your Shopify store, but if you do not check Enable modal, you will not see how the modal works in your store. 

enable modal

In the sidebar, you will be able to change the styles of your modal, although the modal will automatically take the styles of your theme

Visit your main store page as the consumer sees it.  


We hope you find this app well suited for your store, and if you need any assistance getting things setup, make sure to contact us!