How can I change the styles of my modal?

We are going to show you how to set up a modal in accordance with our branding in Mushdesk thanks to ORBE app.


How to access the modal customizer

In order to change the styles of the modal, you must enter the Geolocation Modal - ORBE app and click on "Customize modal".

tutorial styles

Enable the modal

In the sidebar, you will be able to change the styles of your modal, although the modal will automatically take the styles of your theme

At that point, you will land in the app's Customizer. Look on the right sidebar, there you will find Theme settings and App embeds. Make sure that the toggle is active, as well as the "Enable modal" and "Test mode" check.
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Enable the market currency and language 

tutorial styles

Customize your texts

tutorial styles

Don't forget to review your smartphone design!!!

Upload your background image 

Add images in the resolutions you want. You can add only one image for desktop resolution if you prefer.

tutorial styles

Check the styles of your modal 

You can change the corners and buttons, the selectors, the colors and the size of the fonts.

On the other hand, if your company works for oriental markets, we recommend you to change the alignment of the modal to the left.

Also, you can add a close button, although we don't recommend it, as we don't want your users to end up in the wrong catalog.
tutorial styles