How to change the currency of a country / market in Shopify Markets

On Shopify, each country can only have one currency attached to it. For example, if you have a French Market, customers can only pay in EUR – but you can not set up more than currency for a market. Therefore, you need to specify which currency you want to enable for each market (your store's base currency or a local currency). 

When you create a new single-country market, the base currency for the market is set to the currency for that country or region. If the currency is not supported, then the market base currency is set to your store's base currency.

Let's see how you can change the currency for a market: 

1. Click on Settings.

Shopify settings

2. Click on Markets.

Market Setup

3. Go to the Market you want to change the currency.

Go to the Market you want to change the currency

4. Under "Currency and pricing", Click on Manage. 

Under "Currency and pricing", click on Manage

5. If this is a one-only Country Market, you will see a Currency selector when you can change the currency of this market for the one you want to be used by the market's customer.

One country market

6. If it is a Market with more than one country, you can set one currency for the entire market or set up local currencies so each country inside the market uses its local currency.

Multiple countries market

7. Click on Save

Save setup

8. Accept the alert to change the currency for this entire market and it's done!

Change your market currency