Local events to support the Spanish e-commerce community.

At Mushdesk, we believe community and ecosystem is crucial to empower D2C brands.

That's why we create D2C events in our based country, Spain.

Our events are focused on connecting merchants to each other and build community in the e-commerce sector. From insightful talks to networking opportunities.


Aticco Madrid – October 4, 2022

Clash Friday

A roundtable + networking event about pros and contras about doing Black Friday campaigns as a D2C brand.

Organised with BigBlue, Mushdesk, Scalapay and EmailClub.

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Aticco Madrid – June 23, 2022

D2C Talk

Together with BigBlue and RITMO, we organized a roundtable + networking with the Spanish digital native brands such as Born Living Yoga, Pompeii, Mim Shoes and Tipi Tent.

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