Best Shopify Apps for Clothing Store in 2023

Nowadays, clothing and fashion brands constitute a significant proportion of the stores hosted on Shopify. In fact, according to figures provided by Shopify, in 2021, approximately 29.5% of all stores in the United States using their platform belonged to the apparel and accessories industry. Likewise, according to Storeleads data as of August 2023, around 20% of stores worldwide are dedicated to clothing and accessories retail.

Given the specific demands of the fashion sector and online clothing sales, a multitude of applications have flourished on Shopify. These applications aim to simplify brand operations and enhance sales.

In this selection of applications, we will detail those that best address the needs of a fashion store. Our main objective is to streamline decision-making for merchants and provide the best Shopify apps for clothing stores in the Shopify App Store to address each of these needs.

In this article, we will spotlight apps specifically tailored for fashion brands. Nevertheless, you'll also discover other intriguing apps suitable for your brand, regardless of the sector, within our Shopify Tech Stack.

The Recommended Shopify Apps for Clothing Stores

Gain insights into our recommended apps through the overview table below, which includes their categories, reviews, and the "Built for Shopify" emblem recognition by the Shopify team. For more in-depth information about their key features, continue reading the detailed description provided below.

Recommended Apps
Orbe Orbe Free Plan Available Get app
Katana Katana From $129/month Get app
Kiwi Size Kiwi Size Free Plan Available Get app
Back In Stock Back In Stock Free Plan Available Get app
Swatch King Swatch King Free Plan Available Get app Free Plan Available Get app
Instafeed Instafeed Free Plan Available Get app
Shop Quiz Shop Quiz Free Plan Available Get app
Wiser Wiser Free Plan Available Get app
Categories Geolocation, Internationalization Inventory optimization, Inventory tracking Product comparison, Product options Back in stock alert, Direct marketing - Other Product options, Color swatches Product reviews Content marketing, Images and media Customer analytics, Recommended products Recommended products , Upselling and cross-selling
Rating (Reviews)
Rating (Reviews)
Built for Shopify Emblem
Built for Shopify Emblem Feature is included. Feature is not included. Feature is not included. Feature is included. Feature is not included. Feature is not included. Feature is included. Feature is not included. Feature is not included.

We trust that this article has provided value, enabling you to explore and test a selection of these apps. For further captivating app insights, we suggest delving into articles covering the top Shopify translation apps, Shopify geolocation apps, or the finest Shopify Plus apps.

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