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Best Shopify Plus Apps to increase sales

Best Shopify Plus Apps to increase sales

Continuing our commitment to enhancing your Shopify experience, our comparison series aids you in pinpointing the paramount applications within the expansive Shopify ecosystem. We're here to demystify inquiries, saving you precious time that could be spent more productively.

Previously, we embarked on journeys through the best Shopify geolocation apps and the best Shopify translation apps. Today, our gaze turns to the realm of Shopify Plus and Shopify Advanced brands — entities characterized by amplified order volumes and sales, accompanied by complex operational frameworks. For example, managing multiple Shopify Expansion stores.

Within this comprehensive selection, we aim to illuminate indispensable applications curated for each and every Shopify Plus brand. By comprehending your distinctive requirements, we endeavor to provide adept solutions for the challenges you encounter.

The 10 Recommended Shopify Plus Apps

The assortment of Shopify apps below has been meticulously curated to enhance your sales potential. Some wield a direct impact on conversion rates, average order values (via product bundles), or customer recurrence (through subscriptions). Others contribute to sales indirectly by enriching customer experiences (via enhanced support), tailoring shopping interactions (translation and geolocation), or optimizing operational workflows.

Recommended Apps
Orbe Orbe Free Plan Available Get app
Langify Langify Free Plan Get app
Matrixify Matrixify Free Plan Available Get app
Gorgias Gorgias From $10/month Get app
Klaviyo Klaviyo Free Plan Available Get app
OrderlyEmails OrderlyEmails Free to install Get app
Metafields Guru Metafields Guru Free Plan Available Get app
Multifeeds Multifeeds Free Plan Available Get app
Wide Bundle Wide Bundle $16/month Get app
Smartrr Smartrr From $99/month Get app
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We trust that our insights have proven valuable and have aided you in discovering new applications. It's important to note that not all of these apps may align with your business's specific requirements. Conversely, even if you're not operating as a Shopify Plus brand, some of these applications can still offer considerable value.

Should you wish to further explore additional apps, we encourage you to explore our curated selection in the Best Shopify Tech Stack. This collection encompasses a range of apps, including some Shopify Native apps and channels, which can further enhance your Shopify experience.